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Our Story

In the spring of 2017, the concept of Beacon Community Bank was developed by a group of local businessmen and women to fill a void created by recent mergers and acquisitions of a number of locally owned banks.  At that time, only one local bank remained, when a decade prior there had been as many as seven.

As we all know, Charleston's growth during that same period was astronomical. Our group believed that our local businesses needed a better banking partner to continue to fuel that growth -a bank that was local, and understood the needs and demands of our community. As well as a bank that  provided swift decision making and concierge service.  
Ultimately, more than three hundred local individuals agreed and became founding investors in Beacon Community Bank, investing more than $34 million.  This level of support was crucial to our ability to build the bank we felt was needed here in Charleston.  As our Chairman often says, 'it's not my bank, it's not your bank, it's OUR bank'.  We extend this sentiment not only to our shareholders, but to every person that comes in the door and allows us the privilege to serve them.

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Let's Get Personal

We offer a simple set of deposit accounts with all the convenience you would expect. There are no gimmicks or confusing terms. Our bankers provide personal service and financial knowledge you can count on. We look forward to getting to know you.


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Meet Our Commercial Bankers

Whether opening a fresh business or moving your existing business to us, our team of commercial bankers are ready and willing to assist with any and all questions you might have. 

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